Speaker’s Agreement for Evolving Sisters Network Online Interview/Speaking Events

This Agreement is for expert talent (speakers, presenters, teachers, healers, facilitators, etc) of the online series, summit, festival, salon or event (referred to in this document as the “Summit”) referenced in the form and is made between Evolving Sisters LLC as “Producer” and “You” as the expert presenter and name described in the form.

By signing the form, You acknowledge and agree to the terms of this Agreement.


  • You agree to participate (and be on time) as an expert speaker for the date, time and manner agreed upon.
  • You authorize and agree to the recording of the live presentation or, if applicable, to any pre-recorded presentations.
  • You understand and agree that Producer will distribute the recording at its sole discretion.
  • You agree to have a good camera and clear audio with internet over 200 mbps (check at speedtest.net) according to the Evolving Sisters Network tech specifications.
  • If applicable, You agree to provide a teaching video for the Bundled Package (as defined in the form), subject to the terms of this Agreement. (Note: This section won’t be applicable for all Summits.)


  • Unless you’re an authorized affiliate of the Summit, You agree to perform as the expert in the Summit and any other related events (if applicable) in the capacity agreed without compensation. And, You agree not to request compensation from Producer for this event at any point in the future.
  • If offered and you agree to become an affiliate of the Summit or other Summit-related product, you’ll receive compensation according to the compensation structure set forth by Producer from purchases linked to your unique tracking link.


  • The underlying body of work or material you share during your interview (and Bundled Package, if applicable) as the expert talent is, and will remain, yours.
  • The Producer owns the recording of the interview (and any other related events, if any). The Producer has full right, title and interest to re-purpose, re-sell or re-use your recordings indefinitely and without compensation to you.
  • You grant Producer an exclusive license to sell, repurpose, market or use your recording and/or pre-recorded videos.
  • Conversely, Producer is not obligated to use the recording of the interview or the Bundled Package.


  • If specified in the form or other communications, You agree to send to your community the specified number of solo emails and social media posts for the Summit at the agreed upon dates. 
  • If for some reason you are unable to make the above-stated marketing commitment during the promo period, you agree to make alternate arrangements with Producer.


You agree to the following:

  • I hereby expressly grant to Producer the right to use photos and/or audio and visual impressions of me recorded by or provided by me to Producer, in connection with or as part of any presentation, program, publication, product, transmission or other professional endeavor in which the impressions may be used or incorporated, and also in the advertising, and/or publicizing of any analog or digital works or their content, in perpetuity. I agree that it may be edited or otherwise altered. I understand that these impressions, as well as my name, likeness, voice and biographical material, may be used for commercial, educational or informational purposes, in any manner or media, in perpetuity, throughout the world.
  • I waive any rights to copyright or ownership in the resulting commercial, educational and informational materials in which I appear, and acknowledge that no monetary or other compensation is provided in exchange for waiving this right. I also agree to allow all forms of distribution of the materials that accompany the impressions.
  • I represent that I own or have licensed the material (including music) I use in the presentation and agree to indemnify Producer if someone else claims ownership of the material.
  • I represent that I have the right, capacity, and authority to enter into this Agreement and that my participation and performance and the rights I have granted in the Agreement will not conflict with or violate any commitment or understanding I have with any other person or entity.
  • I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Producer from and against all claims, losses, expenses, and liabilities including reasonable attorney’s fees arising out of Your inaccuracy or breach of this Agreement.
  • I hereby certify that I have READ AND ACCEPT this document and affirm with my signature that the terms and conditions are what I’m agreeing to.

If you agree, use your mouse to sign in the box on the form and check the box that you’ve read these terms and conditions. 

Congratulations! Let’s do this!