Speak Softly & Burn the Big Stick
Cameron Leigh James
Posted on: January 17, 2023

“The torch bearer lights the way forward by mastering soft power”

If your wise future self could advise your current self how to call the heart conscious leader within forward, what guidance would she offer?

Awareness is the initiating energy of mastery. Thoughts, beliefs, emotions and intentions create ripples in the ocean of consciousness as they flow through you into the quantum field. Observe the ebb and flow of your energy system. Integrating the masculine and feminine informs you when to achieve, when to receive, when to speak and when to listen to the sounds within the silence. Cultivate your own emotional and mental mastery. Respect others doing what is correct for them. Relationships of mutual autonomy energize and expand an infinite loop of reciprocity.

Fueled by the flame of inner truth, calibrate your energetic frequency to the cosmic grid to interpret the language of the universe. Co-creating with universal intelligence powers your personal navigation system: Turn here. Go there. Watch for falling rocks.

With increasing awareness, you’ll learn divine timing is not a linear construct, but a practice in mastering the art of active waiting. Its cosmic partner, divine intervention, is an exercise in Trust. In a world that rewards conspicuous efforting, mastering the art of allowing requires discipline. Being informs doing. Integrating universal laws expands receptivity for profound revelations and understanding:

No is a complete answer.

It’s also the first two letters of Not Yet.

Synchronicity is a natural consequence of intuition aligned with right action: the highest truth of your conscious intention. Synthesizing intuition, divine timing, divine intervention and right action activates infinite possibilities of an intelligent universe. It always has a better plan.

Grounding into what is, accept that we are constantly rubbing up against lived experiences different from our own. Some amount of conflict is normal. Aversion to it or avoidance of it poisons and destabilizes your energy body.

Friction – differing opinions, beliefs and ideas – causes tension, an invitation to focus inward. Hold yourself accountable to your Why while reframing obstacles as opportunities to reassess, refine, realign, and reaffirm or release your commitment.

Assertion and aggression both carry heat, one fueled by love, the other, fear.

The heart of assertion responds with steely resolve tempered by kindness. Compassion. Generosity. With impassioned heat, assertion’s hammer shapes iron into a blade of precision. Aggression reacts in anger, bludgeoning opposition into submission.

Failure is your greatest teacher. Mistakes illuminate inner resistance, false beliefs and flawed thinking. Sharpen discernment. Calling on your trusted council, check your assumptions and expectations. Admit when you are wrong. Release what is no longer valid. Courageously detach from outcomes. Collecting strands of the past in the present, braid connections to the future. Creating order from chaos, you evolve.

Embody the understanding that each of us is greater than the sum of our parts. Hold your vision of I am in service of the greater We Are.

Collaboration is the language of both/and, inclusion a recognition that suppression is counter-productive to self-expression, the sacred conduit to our divinity.

Call out scarcity as a myth born of capitalistic greed created by those who crave power over. Conscious co-creators recognize the truth of an abundant universe: All that we need already exists. Don’t fight for your slice of the pie or a seat at the table. Make your own pies. Build a bigger table.

Collaboration and cooperation flatten the hierarchical playing field. Because competition produces few winners and many losers, compete only against yourself to be better, to do better, to live the highest expression of your evolving self. Lead from that place.

Wearing the privileged mantle of leadership carries a weight of great responsibility. The voice whispering into the microphone holds the potential to impact and influence multitudes. Guided by the strength of your inner authority, you become a standard bearer for wholeness.

Picture the most inspirational, successful woman you know. And hold that thought.

When her ship came in, she was ready to board. And she was traveling light.


While mastering the art of active waiting, she’d learned to trust the wisdom of the universe speaking through her body. That luck was the cosmic consequence of preparedness colliding with opportunity: the symbiotic relationship of divine timing and divine intervention. Collaborating with her cosmic crew and wisdom keepers, she shined her light into her own dark corners, got comfortable with multiple truths and healed her inner child. She gave herself the space and the grace to grow herself up. Judge, jury and accused, she broke through her defenses. She witnessed the revolution of her own evolution. Purifying herself through trial by fire, she became the fire.

She travels light because everything she needs – all the answers, the validation, the love—is inside her.

She became the light that burned within.

And now she’s leading the way.