A Soul-Aligned Business Planning Masterclass for Coaches, Healers and Visionary Women to Get to $100k in a Year

November 9
10 am to 1 pm PT  |  $111  $27

If you’re looking for a SIMPLE yet PROVEN path to build your coaching business from zero to 100k+, you’ve landed in the right place.

This LIVE, 3-hour business training is for coaches, healers, and visionary leaders who are craving a simple & tried-and-true way to earn six figures a year without burnout, a large social media following or a giant investment in tech.

November 9, 10 am to 1 pm PT | $27

How do I know if this training is right for me?

First, let’s start with the most important thing — your intention.

You’re ready to OWN your sovereignty as the leader of your life and your business, and you’re no longer wiling to hold yourself back. In your heart that burning desire to serve humanity and give your gifts – on your own terms – is just too strong to deny anymore.

You're DETERMINED to uplevel your impact and income in a way that's aligned with your SOUL & YOUR mission.

  • You want to mute the noise about how to grow your business – and learn the simplest, quickest, and most proven way to launch a coaching business that predictably earns you $10k+ months. 

  • You want to replace the hustle with simplicity – no complicated tech funnels (at least right now), no enslavement to social media, and no more trading time for money.

  • You want to stop buying program after program and overwhelming yourself with too many possibilities – like throwing spaghetti against the wall – and finally focus and get the results you crave.
  • You want a clear, step-by-step approach to building your business using the same proven method utilized by most successful coaches.

  • You’re ready to turn your “hobby” of coaching or healing work into a real soul-oriented, money-making business – and to put some skin in the game.

  • You’re ready to take massive action to go ALL IN – and become the leader you know yourself to be.

If this is you....welcome! We've been waiting for you. Let's get you the simplest and most effective method to launch and grow your business.

When you attend this exclusive LIVE masterclass...

You’ll shape your own destiny as the Sovereign CEO with exclusive access to 2 essential tools that will immediately give you the confidence to be in your leadership and the ability to amplify your earnings.


The Trifecta

The 3 must-have pillars of every thriving business — no matter what its size — to help you focus on what is essential so that you can build a solid foundation that grows and scales as you do.


The Premium Soul Client Model

The simplest & most powerful method for new or burned out coaches to reach $10k months without working endless hours or amassing a large social media following or spending a ton on technology.

You'll also receive this special BONUS to further empower your journey as a Sovereign CEO

The Evolving Sisters Ninja Calendar System

Attendees of the live masterclass (or replay within 48 hours) will have exclusive access to my Ninja Calendar System, which gives you a very practical way to schedule your clients to avoid burn out (it’s a game-changer!). With the “white space” in your calendar, you’ll be able to work on your business (instead of just in your business) and receive the divine downloads you need to do your best work.

Feedback from previous Sovereign CEO Masterclass attendees

  • “I always stay to the end in a masterful ninja class like this.” ~ Camilla
  • “Amazing! Thank you Kenlyn.” ~ Penny
  • “This was absolutely beautiful and so valuable. Thank you!!!” ~ Judith
  • “Thanks, that was awesome.” ~ Emma
  • “Stunning value.” ~ Quinne
  • “Thanks Kenlyn...this was amazing. Learned a bit more to get ready for Business Mastery.” ~ Deborah

After the Masterclass, You’ll Walk Away with a
Light Workers Business Playbook to 100k
to Support Your Planning with…

  • The exact financial blueprint that took me from $33k to over $100k per year working with just 12 premium soul clients
  • Journal prompts to excavate and transform your fears, increase your confidence, and implement right away what you learned in the masterclass
  • Your Custom Financial Blueprint to map out your revenue strategy and schedule activities that actually support your financial goals – no more spaghetti against the wall
  • Not only that, you’ll leave feeling a sense of relief that you KNOW how to make money as a coach and which exact steps to take in your business that very next day

November 9, 10 am to 1 pm PT | $27


Hi Sister! I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m Kenlyn — the founder of the Evolving Sisters Network, an evolutionary platform for spiritual women to heal, be empowered and lead. I’m here to accelerate your financial success as a coach — because the world needs you.

Not long ago I was standing where you are – figuring out how to grow my business, financially support myself, and become the leader that I knew myself to be.
Before my life’s path brought me in front of thousands of women worldwide with the Divine Feminine Summit, I was a lawyer turned Kundalini yoga teacher at a studio in Encinitas, California making about $40 per class.
To realize my vision of supporting women like you, I knew I needed to take bigger action. No more excuses.

I had to learn and implement the proven systems that build successful (and extremely profitable) soul-aligned coaching businesses. Once I did, I went from scraping by at $33k per year to closing out the next year with 6-figures.

I’m here to teach you how to do the same.

After working with hundreds of divine feminine women in my programs, I know that structure and taking the right first steps are a crucial part of how you feel safe making your offerings, being visible, and creating financial abundance.

I see you and absolutely know that you can do it. With a solid business foundation, your visions and dreams can come true. I’m proof of that, and I’m here to support you in making that your reality,

The Evolving Sisters Network is a legacy online platform, founded by Kenlyn Kolleen, to support the empowerment and emergent leadership of divine feminine women, to free their voices, heal the past and own their power through curated courses, inspired writings, sister circles, a community-based membership and a feminine leadership program called RISE Leadership Incubator & Apprenticeship.

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