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ready to support you in becoming the best version of yourself — confident, whole, and unstoppable.

Time-Sensitive, Special Pricing for Founding Members Is Now Open

We Believe that the Way Through to a New Future is Within Community

If you are seeking a way to answer your inner calling to serve while being supported by a strong network of empowering sisters — who stand for the feminine principles of love, unity, service, care of Mother Earth, and abundance for all — then

THIS is your sacred call to action.

As a Founding Member,
You Will Receive these Benefits:

Exclusive Founder Status

Get in on the ground floor and be an integral part of a revolutionary movement of awakened women from all over the world, bringing their hearts, their stories, and their gifts to this sacred container and receiving the same from you. The Evolving Sisters Network will evolve as you do. Be a part of the network from the very beginning with exclusive Founder’s Membership Status.

Members-Only Events

Receive Sacred Support via Live Monthly Laser Coaching & Mentorship with Kenlyn and Coaches, which will include small breakout groups for deepening connection with your fellow Evolving Sisters, embodiment practices, and access to modalities like parts work, subconscious re-programming, and visualizations.

Your Own Membership Portal

Inside the membership portal, you’ll have access to a calendar of events and the ability to manage your account and download calendar invites that synch with your iCal or Google calendar app so that you never forget an event or need to search for the zoom link. Replays will also be there if you miss or want to re-watch a session.

Locked-In Lowest Ever Investment

As the Evolving Sisters Network grows and becomes more robust with activities, courses, expert speakers, daily movement classes, and sister engagement, inevitIably the price will increase. As a Founding Member, your monthly payment stays the same — you’re grandmothered in at this price — as long as you maintain your membership.

Attending at least one event a month as a Founding Member, which is free or discounted for you, could save you more than paying for individual events. We created it that way: the more you participate, the more value you receive — personally and economically. Experience the win-win of community.

Member Discounts

Get up to 50% off, or in some cases complimentary access to, upcoming workshops and programs with Kenlyn and Expert Teachers.

Plus these Bonuses!

Bonus 1

$10,000 Challenge: How to Receive Abundance with Grace (10-Day Audio and Videos)

Get video and audio access to one of the most popular and effective teachings inside of the community: Kenlyn’s 10-Day $10,000 Challenge: How to Receive Abundance with Grace. Many sisters reported serendipities and miracles in effortlessly receiving cash money. Amplify your feminine abundance receptor sites and open to the field of Grace.

Bonus 2

The Moon and You: Embodying Feminine Leadership Through Living the Moon Cycles Guidebook + 2 Monthly Videos for 2023

Align with the Moon and amplify your Feminine Leadership. Be the first to download this 28-page guidebook and calendar that tracks the 13 New and Full Moons in 2023, with specifically curated Keynotes for each Moon. This guidebook shows you how to work with the cosmological energies and comes with prompts for your New Moon Intention and Commitments and Release and Gratitudes for the Full Moon.

THAT’S NOT ALL – Take your feminine leadership to the next level. As a Founding Member, you’ll also receive 2 videos a month featuring Kenlyn’s New and Full moon guided practices. Value $97

What’s Coming as We Grow

Regular movement and meditation classes, from yoga to dance to guided visualizations to support your embodiment, healing, stress reduction, and overall well-being. Began in February 2023!
Additional live and on-demand workshops, programs, and experiences to support your ongoing evolution as an awakened, feminine leader
The opportunity to join an Impact Circle lead by a certified, Evolving Sisters Facilitator
Access to our curated healers for Reiki, sound healings, personal Astrology readings, and more
The next available opportunity to apply to become an Evolving Sisters Network facilitator through the RISE Leadership & Apprenticeship program so you can bring your gifts into the community in a deeper way supporting your sisters as well as creating a source of abundance for you. Now accepting applications.

Become a Founding Member Today!

Just $22/month

The Details:

Lock in this low monthly investment as a Founding Member. Your Founding Member price will never increase as long as you maintain an active membership.

But once this special Founder’s pricing is gone, it’s gone.
Don’t miss this special opportunity!

Membership will increase to $47/month in Spring of 2023 and $67/month thereafter as we roll out more and more powerful content for members.

Be a part of a global women’s network — a legacy membership platform for generations of awakened and empowered women!


What is the Evolving Sisters Network?

The Evolving Sisters Network is a grassroots membership platform for awakened women leading with their sacred power, freeing their voices, and restoring wholeness to themselves and the planet. It was founded in December 2022 by Kenlyn Kolleen, a former attorney, now a feminine leader and spiritual business coach, known for her work amplifying the voices of other feminine leaders and activating women in the divine feminine archetypes through the Divine Feminine Summit.

What is a Founding Member and how is it different from regular membership?

Becoming a Founding Member means that you became a member of the Evolving Sisters Network at the beginning when it launched. Founding Members will always be accredited with Founding Member status, which includes special locked-in monthly pricing and exclusive membership benefits.

Who is the community of Evolving Sisters Network?

The community of the Evolving Sisters Network is a diverse group of awakened women from all over the world who are investing in their personal growth and healing, clearing ancestral karma and past conditioning, and embodying feminine power with the desire to impact the future of life on Earth for the better. It’s the place where each woman discovers and amplifies the leader she was born to be.

How does membership work?

Membership is simple: to have access you pay the monthly amount, and you get access to the benefits. Memberships can be canceled at any time. Members have access to the portal and can manage their accounts, download invites to their calendar, and watch replays. The portal website is found at my.evolvingsisters.com.

Can I get a refund?

No. There are no refunds, but you can cancel your membership anytime. If you have feedback that will be helpful for us, please email support@evolvingsisters.com.

What kinds of master classes and courses will you offer?

We’ll offer masterclasses and courses in the areas of with feminine empowerment, healing trauma, manifesting abundance, embodying your truth, overcoming co-dependence, owning your voice, conscious communication, connecting with the divine feminine, and much more.

What are Impact Circles and how do they work?

Impact Circles are intimate women’s circles curated around a particular theme, like healing from trauma, freeing your voice, deepening into the power of the Moon cycles, and much more. Because Impact Circles are their own transformational container, they are separately priced from your membership fee.

Do I have to be a member to participate in the classes and activities?

Yes and no. There will be some activities and programs that are members only. There will be others that you can pay a one-time fee to join. We encourage people to become members to receive the benefits of giving and receiving inside of community, so we will typically price one-time classes or activities in such a way that it would benefit you personally and economically to become a member.

What is the RISE Leadership Incubator & Apprenticeship?

The RISE Leadership Incubator & Apprenticeship is where women are trained to be facilitators, teachers, and leaders inside the Evolving Sisters Network. RISE graduates are eligible to income streams inside the network. The doors open for this program one time a year. See here for more information. If you’d like to be on the waiting list for the next one, email support@EvolvingSisters.com.

Do you offer 1:1 coaching?

One on one coaching is offered through the approved RISE leaders and facilitators and in some cases, through subject matter experts who teach inside the Evolving Sisters Network. If you’re interested in being supported in a 1:1 container, please email support@EvolvingSisters.com.

How do I cancel my membership?

In your membership portal at my.evolvingsisters.com you’ll see an account tab where you can “manage your subscriptions.” There you can cancel or upgrade your membership. Once you cancel your membership, you’ll only have access through your paid-through date. After that date, you’ll no longer have access. If you are a Founding Member, cancelation means you lose Founding Member status and the locked-in Founder’s rate, which will never be offered again.

How would I change my credit card on file?

In your membership portal at my.evolvingsisters.com you’ll see an account tab where you can update your credit card or add a new one.

How would I lead a course or teach a class inside the Evolving Sisters Network?

We welcome women who have attained a level of mastery in their work to offer courses and teach. The pre-requisite is to join and graduate from the RISE Leadership Incubator & Apprenticeship. Once you’re inside the program and have learned the distinctions of leadership for the Evolving Sisters Network, you can begin facilitating or creating courses to sell as early as halfway through the program. The Apprentice phase is where you’ll receive mentorship, instruction on how to create and package your course, and feedback so you can grow and hit the sweet spot between what you want to give and what others want to receive from you.

What’s the best way to invite a friend?

We LOVE inviting friends! It’s one of the best ways to pay your blessings forward. Text her a link (www.EvolvingSisters.com) with a special message about why you thought of her for the Evolving Sisters Network. Also look for future “bring a friend” or Buy One, Get One specials as well as opportunities to earn affiliate commissions.

Can I earn money from the Evolving Sisters Network?

Yes! One of our missions that we have our eye on as we grow is to provide you with affiliate opportunities to sell our memberships, courses, and master classes to your community. If you have a email list or audience members and followers on social media, you might be an excellent candidate to partner with us. Stay tuned for email announcements. Additionally, RISE Leadership & Apprenticeship graduates will also be eligible to make money facilitating impact circles or creating courses and master classes based on their expertise.

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