Divine Union: Find out If You’re Over-Doing or Under-Doing Your Masculine or Feminine Energy

Embody a New Model of Leadership Through Masculine and Femine Union

A 2-Video Training Course by Allison Conte

Have you ever wondered how you can have a powerful vision that requires a lot of doing, decision making and goal setting to achieve great success without burning out or becoming too masculine?

Have you wondered how you can easily go with the flow, receive the blessings that life has for you, and still get things done?

For thousands of years, the masculine paradigm of conquering, doing, achieving, and consuming has dominated our modern culture and built our modern civilization. Unfortunately, it did it at the expense of the feminine, and we and our Planet have paid the price. Stress, burn out, a deep lack of fulfillment, disconnection from others and from our souls have led humanity to a crisis. Stress levels and mental disorders are at an all time high. Environmental degradation is creating a threat to life on Earth.

What is the answer?

We must restore the feminine way of being to her rightful seat of leadership alongside the masculine. In this riveting 2-part workshop given before a live audience, master teacher and the founder of Sophia Leadership, Allison Conte, will show you how each energy – masculine or feminine – must have its counterpart to sustain itself and thrive. She will break down feminine and masculine energies into 4 immediately-relatable types and unlock the secret missing from our modern understanding and way of being.

Love Notes For Kenlyn

Allison’s leadership model spoke to me deeply as a way forward for humanity in care of the Planet. Personally, I understand myself better and how to live a more fulfilling and productive life.

Clare D.

This teaching answered so many questions for me! I’m an engineer by training and now a coach and I’ve wondered how to work with my engineer brain and my feminine body. This workshop provided the exact map I have been looking for.

Katie H.

This was mind blowing – having a model means I know how to make good decisions every day to stay in harmony and balance as the single mom of 2 kids and CEO of my coaching platform.

Arwen D.

In this workshop, here’s what you’ll take away:

The 4 key foundational masculine and feminine energies and an understanding of how you’ve been living them in your work and personal life.

A pathway to inner and outer harmony and fulfillment.

A way to correct where you’re over-doing certain energies and under-doing others so that you restore balance to your life.

A model that you can actually believe will transform the problems in our personal world and on the planet.

A framework to create more workability, flow, ease, and results in your family life and business.


Masculine Feminine Polarity Training

2 part transformational workshop for

$47 one-time payment

Allison Conte, MSPODC

Allison Conte serves as a bridge between the worlds of spirituality and leadership. 

She is a mystic, a spiritual guide/teacher, and ordained priestess in the Sophianic lineage – and also, she is an executive coach,  c-suite consultant, published author and speaker. As an instructor of executive leadership at Harvard Business School, her classes have drawn upwards of 5,000 participants across the globe.

Allison’s business, Sophia Leadership, aims to usher in a new paradigm of peace, equality and environmental sustainability by developing and resourcing the women change-leaders who will lead the way. Sophia Leadership serves women leaders who are advanced in their professional careers AND serious about their spiritual growth. They come to Sophia’s temple to do their deepest soul-work together in sisterhood and, ultimately, to source the power of the Divine Feminine in their leadership—so they can deliver on their mission with impact, alignment, joy and ease.

With her husband, Allison co-founded the Sanctuary for Sacred Union, an inter-spiritual nonprofit in which they serve as spiritual mentors and sacred ceremony guides. Informed by indigenous wisdom, mysticism and Christianity, their work is a blend of shamanic practices, sacred plant medicine, depth psychology and integral spirituality, within the mythos of the universal Christ-Sophia. Their podcast, Pastor & Priestess, is available on all platforms.

Prior to her post at Harvard, Allison served on the faculties of The Center for Creative Leadership, the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and the Integral Center, and worked as a master executive coach in Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management Executive Education Program. She holds a master’s degree in Positive Organization Development from Case Western Weatherhead School of Management. She is a certified Spiritual Intelligence Coach and Gestalt Practitioner. 

She has trained with a number of world-class indigenous wisdom keepers, spiritual teachers, and energy healers. 

Grandmother La’ne Sa’an Moonwalker, a lineage holder in the Apache tradition and Allison’s spiritual mentor, has formally recognized Allison as a master teacher.

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