How to Ignite Deep Self Love

With Quanita Roberson

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You cannot thrive and reject your mother. She is YOU.

What is your story about her?

In this patriarchal society, we learn that what is right and true … is white and male. We dilute ourselves by choosing careers that prove our masculine prowess – over our innate feminine intelligence. We are told we can’t trust other women and never ourselves.

Like our mothers before us, we struggle to keep the peace and earn love, while prioritizing men’s happiness over our own. We internalized her voice as our own – often critical and judgmental – a reflection of how she thought about herself. She held the “yardstick” of the patriarchy as normal. It makes us feel like we can never rest or relax. Because if we fall out of line, we wonder who might disown us?

Healing the mother wound means learning to embrace your potent feminine energy.

It also means healing the sister wound, so that we can build our trust in the women around us. And it means choosing a new way to think about the world: choosing your own yardstick.

The mother wound is the deepest wound of all because it lives inside you as you. It permeates how you talk to yourself and others, who you partner with, what you believe is possible, and how open you are to receive the abundance of life.

The good news is that healing this wound is just as impactful – It’s quantum. It reaches all areas of your life. You no longer default to negative self-talk, perfectionism, self-sabotage, and unworthiness. You choose people in your life who support you. Your capacity to receive expands.

And, you begin to live a new narrative about women that empowers you and calls forth the support and community you so desire.



Wounds are ancestral …
Until someone is brave enough to mend them.

My mentor Sobonfu Somé from Burkina Faso, Africa said she was 7 years old when she realized she was born from one woman.

I was around 30 when I discovered I was birthed by many mothers. This radically shifted the story I carried of my mother. It helped me forgive her and see the mothering that was available to me all along.

THIS empowered me to reclaim my narrative, to think differently about mothering my own and other women’s children, and to reclaim the gifts from the legacies of my birth and chosen families.


  • The mother wound doesn’t exist
  • Love flows unconditionally and people are never “kicked out” of the tribe (or cut from their parents’ will…)
  • All people are connected – with many mothers, extended and chosen family
  • Wounds that happen in the community are healed in the community – and the wound with our mothers is a community wound
  • Children hold less trauma because they freely move between homes – instead of being trapped in conflict
  • These communities often have rituals to heal existing trauma such as dance, music, and spirit medicine
  • Receiving goodness and abundance isn’t hard. It’s a natural and accepted part of being human, just like the inbreath

“Quanita has the codes to our reconnection in the family of humanity. I’ve done a ton of mother work, as this is my primary wound. Yet, even with all the work, I didn’t really get the scope of that wound or how it left me feeling exiled from the whole of life — until Quanita invited me back.

Now I’ve restored myself to a belonging that is deeper than my individual story, which allows me to relax and trust life at a cellular level. I feel more at ease accepting and being myself and feeling more supported – like the Universe really does have my back.”

– Kenlyn Kolleen,
Founder, Evolving Sisters Network



You, too, are invited on this introspective journey. Join a soul circle of sisters and children from all mothers – with a spiritual teacher who’s spent decades focused on healing the mother of all wounds: the intergenerational trauma of the feminine.

This sacred container offers you an expanded view of sisterhood, family, and pure love. We will go somewhere foreign, but deeply familiar.

You are returning to the ancient savannahs of your DNA – to heal your and your mother’s oldest wounds through the sacred remembering of your belonging.


Rewrite the mother dynamic in your life – even if your mother wasn’t there OR you believe your wounds are too deep or already healed
Release the demand for one woman to do everything – including yourself – and identify the women who have mothered you to reclaim your power
Heal the scars blocking you as a mother or from receiving mothering (which is the ability to receive life itself)
Put an end to trying to PROVE yourself, self-criticism, feelings of unworthiness, and the cycle of shame
Learn to trust the feminine and your sisters, as well as your own voice, to make empowered decisions
And, channel Quanita’s rich ancestral wisdom directly into your soul to feel connected and whole

“Quanita is the real deal. As a grounded and completely authentic facilitator of healing ritual. Her capacity to hold space, bear witness, go with you to the depth of your grief and suffering, and bring it to reconciliation and resolution is rare — even exceptional. I feel so grateful to count her as a friend and fellow traveler on the path.”

– Nilima Bhat
Co-Author of Shakti Leadership

What’s Inside This 4-Week Journey

Name Your Story

How do you define your “mother story”? Who did you authorize to tell this story? How is it serving you? Until you know what belief systems you carry, you cannot choose to keep them.

In this module, you will:

  • Set context around mothering, patriarchy, cultures, and your birth story to shed light on patterns you are living, so that you can let go of what is no longer necessary for the future you choose
  • Contemplate your narrative of being mothered, so you can identify the root of your pain – the first step to making empowered choices
  • Share your story to unveil insightful similarities, inspire your sisters, and find new supporters of your goals
  • Shed the weight of the past and step into a future with love, acceptance, belonging, and community
Trace Your Stars

Many mothers light the way on your journey. Like a constellation, you will trace your lineage to expand your definition of mother and connect deeper with the feminine.

In this module, you will:

  • Create a map of the women in your life, and those who came before you, to better understand how your mother story shapes you, so you can make peace with how you got here and why you chose this life
  • Define what was missing from your story and uncover evidence to support a narrative that unlocks your ability to thrive, feel safe, and embrace life
  • Give up lone-wolfing your life and experience greater compassion and trust in yourself, others, and the sisterhood
  • Engage in an elemental ritual to release your old story and move through life with an upgraded sense of self-worth and connection
Ignite Your Rebirth

It’s your choice: What’s the NEW name of your story? Can you create proof of unconditional love? The universe doesn’t work with voids – if you don’t tell your new story the old one will return.

In this module, you will:

  • Discover what people and experiences validate your beliefs to anchor a more fulfilling story that soothes your heart and mind, so you find inner peace
  • Unearth how each mother contributed to your journey to reclaim their legacy’s powerful gifts in your life today
  • Through a “second birth ritual,” amplify your faith in being mothered and mothering that liberates you to honor yourself, fully live your own life and receive the beauty life has to offer you
  • Receive the grace of a new story – one that reflects who you have become and what you want to live into as your new future
Celebrate Your Growth

You are ready to reflect on your transformation. After journeying down this mountain, we’re sitting by the sacred fire to share what we saw. This final ritual supports your ongoing self-compassion and anchors your new way of being – free from the mother wound, self-abandonment, rejection, and self-criticism.

In this module, you will:

  • Reflect on your challenges and breakthroughs to support your ongoing integration of your true self and reverse the pattern of negative self-talk and comparison
  • Alchemize past pain and fear into faith and love so that you open to life, to yourself, to others, to the sisterhood with an open heart
  • Claim your belonging – and step into your role as a child of the world so that you truly feel that the Universe has your back
  • Design a ritual and affirmations to embody your new mother story, upgrade your frequency, and feel radiantly alive every day

Here’s What You’ll RecEive In

“Many Mothers”:

Four Modules with Quanita and Participants with 8 Hours of Teaching, Reflection, Sharing and Implementation
Guided Rituals and practices to anchor more deeply the teachings and embody what you’ve learned
Journal prompts to support your growth, integration and reflection with the material

Meet Quanita

My parents had me when they were 15 years old—they were growing up just as I was. My family wasn’t a safe space, and I had no way of knowing that other spaces were safe.

I started my healing journey at a young age. I am a shaman. It has taken me a long time to grow into this… to grow into me. Mostly because I never quite understood why a person would choose this life. Now I understand that it chooses you.

I am a facilitator dedicated to addressing embedded trauma. I am a spiritual teacher, speaker, author, life coach, and storyteller. My work over the past 20 years has been focused in the areas of healing, initiation, grief, leadership, diversity, and inclusion.

Recent work has included The Kellogg Foundation’s Truth, Racial Healing, & Transformation Program and the People’s Action’s Heartland Initiative: A Listening Tour of Rural and Small Town America.

I believe we are in a time that is calling us to remember. Remember what really matters. Remember the truth of who we really are. Remember that we belong to each other.

“As a mentor and coach, Quanita is the representation of her spirit name — Wind Warrior. the shifting winds of change and transformation come forth when she is in your presence. I have experienced a beautiful transformation and growth since working with Quanita. She values my story and encourages me to keep writing more chapters. I am honored to know her and I am a stronger person because of her support.”

– Regina Sewell
Spiritual Development Coach

Be a part of a larger family of belonging

Many Mothers

4 Module On-Demand Course

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Your soul, and your lineage, deserve to be honored. Come with your heart to Many Mothers for a life-altering connection with your ancestors and a new family of women, a sisterhood of wholeness.

“Quanita is better than gold, diamond, and platinum combined.” 

– Clare Dubois
Founder, Tree Sisters

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