RISE Leadership
Incubator & Apprenticeship

Activating a new paradigm of empowered feminine leaders

RISE Leadership
Incubator & Apprenticeship

Activating a new paradigm of empowered feminine leaders

A 12-Month Advanced-Level Program for Visionary Women Seeking to Create a Bigger Impact through Feminine Leadership


your leadership & empowerment


your visibility, confidence & impact


and package your unique gifts


income streams

Activate your full leadership potential inside of a global platform for women.

We provide the space.
You provide your genius.

You’re invited to apply for a rare and specially curated opportunity to deepen the power of your feminine leadership, co-create an evolutionary container with like-minded sisters, and be eligible to facilitate transformational circles and create master classes inside the Evolving Sisters Network.

There has never been a more urgent time for you to step into this calling.

You Feel the Call to Expand
Your Possibilities

You’ve done a lot of personal growth work.
You’ve made friends with your shadow.
You keep investing in yourself because you know evolution is an upward spiral, and you’re all in!
You have well-honed gifts, and you’ve been giving them.

You are a Mystical Teacher, a powerful Creatrix.

You’re humble, talented, understated and wise.
You’ve been seeking a way to serve through your gifts in a world dominated by constant self-promotion and charismatic personalities — and that’s just not you.

Rather than being the center atttention on social media or spending time building an empire, you seek to be of service, in collaboration and in true community.

You’re ready to serve in a much simpler, yet more impactful way because you know that we are stronger together.

YOU are the why behind the RISE Leadership Incubator & Apprenticeship

This 12-Month New-Paradigm Cohort
Has 2 Phases:

RISE Leadership Incubator

The INCUBATOR begins with unbecoming so you can become the feminine leader that you are here to be. This initiatory phase midwifes an emergent and integrated embodiment of leadership while mastering time-tested distinctions to create a solid yet evolutionary foundation.

RISE Leadership Apprenticeship

The APPRENTICESHIP brings your leadership to life through opportunities for feedback and practice. Learn how to facilitate a safe and transformative circle or create a course that is an expression of your unique system, gifts, and wisdom. Upon completion of both phases, you may be eligible to facilitate circles and sell your course inside the Evolving Sisters Network.

“When I first met Kenlyn I asked her to coach me into stepping into my professional mission as an empowered woman, and I joined a variety of her offerings. I was on a mission to reclaim my self worth, especially around money, career and my relationships with women. I was so motivated given I have 3 amazing daughters. Today, I have a thriving coaching practice and curate sold-out ceremonies. I’ve owned my wealth and influence and have rich and honest relationships with women. I’m stepping into the Leadership Incubator & Apprenticeship to keep rising and to support other women in their empowerment through the Evolving Sisters Network.”

– Alessandra Azcarraga, California, USA
Medicine Woman & Grandmother

15 Benefits You’ll Receive When You Uplevel Your Leadership:

  • Increased confidence in being seen and visible
  • Greater clarity in speaking about what you do and identifying who it’s for
  • Greater respect and recognition for your body of work and owning your authority
  • Expanded confidence in business, marketing and how to package your work into an online program that people want to buy
  • A profound awareness of your value, worth and unique contribution
  • A solid partnership with a team of experts where you can show up powerfully
  • A deeply felt experience of your personal power and influence
  • Deeper alignment with your legacy mission and vision
  • Better communication with others, and less reactivity on your part
  • More ninja skills at diffusing conflict and creating win-win scenarios
  • Deeper integration of your divine feminine and divine masculine energies
  • Better decision making and more confidence in your choices
  • Deeper, more transparent friendships in sisterhood
  • Deeper trust in navigating and being with change
  • Unstoppable leadership in your everyday life such that it inspires those around you

Become the leader you know yourself to be!

Your Journey Awaits
6 Things are Included…

Leadership Cohort Calls with Kenlyn -

Bimonthly, we’ll gather in three ways: to create deeper connection through circling — a process of awareness and curiosity that forms the basis of feminine witnessing and uplifting — to receive teachings and group coaching; and to vision, create and package content as the expression of your unique gifts.

Lifetime Access – Leadership Mastery Teachings -

From excavating more deeply your life work and purpose, to clearing energy leaks and codependencies, to mastering top leadership distinctions and communication skills to setting yourself up for success with effective daily practices, these pre-recorded teachings are the spine of the RISE Leadership Incubator & Apprenticeship.

In Person Retreat -- FIRST EVER! –

We will gather in person for 5 days to fully anchor our connection through dream work and experiential processes to clear old beliefs and patterns and uplevel your sense of self. You’ll excavate the values that make up your personal signature style in preparation for course creation and facilitation. The cost of the retreat is included but travel related expenses, such as lodging and transportation are not.

Quarterly Transformational Workshops –

Once a quarter you’ll receive a specially curated, bespoke workshop from guest experts, who are not often available to the larger public, that will support you in up leveling your personal and professional leadership.

Access to Private Online Community –

Virtual groups create the continuity and cohesiveness between sessions, allow for sharing reflections and takeaways from the classes or material, and give you a platform for making videos, testing new material, and sharing content to increase your confidence and refine your skills.

Lifetime Access to “Passive Income” Master Class –

Create passive income and bring your purpose to life through organizing your wisdom, methologies and tools into an online course. Receive specific instruction and feedback on how to create online content so that people want to buy it. Establish yourself as an expert, become more visible and confident, and expand your area of influence. Be eligible to sell your course inside the Evolving Sisters Network.

Total Program Value: $68,497

Plus 2 Bonuses!

BONUS: Full Access Business
Mastery Accelerator Program

     – VALUE $2,497

Take your coaching or healing business to the next level or implement next-level marketing to sell your online course with the Business Mastery Accelerator. This course combines years of experience working with clients to build their unique personal brand as a coach or healer. You’ll have lifetime access to all 11 modules and 35 lessons and documents, including contract templates, sales script, and client intake forms. Everything you need to successfully build your coaching business to 6-figures is in this self-paced program.

BONUS: Full Year Membership in the Evolving Sisters Network

     – VALUE $250

Get Founding Member status inside the Evolving Sisters Network which opens you to special events, and a chance to add your co-creative energy, skills, talents and ideas to the community. Fill your cup through the free classes and ceremonies offered on the Evolving Sisters Network and receive discounts on programs and master classes at the members-only rate.


Total Bonus Value: $2,747

For a Grand Total Value of $71,244

Your Investment

This program is for deeply committed awakened women who want to go to the next level of their feminine leadership. Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll be empowered to optimize your gifts in creating a positive impact in all areas of your life — personal, professional, and community — and in world service. Additionally, for those who are called, you’ll be eligible to work within the Evolving Sisters Network as a facilitator or course creator. You will be a part of our core team with the opportunity to build a thriving, purpose-driven income stream.

Your abundance is in community.

Your Investment:
$15,000 or
12 monthly installments of $1350

*Looking for different payment options?
PayPal Credit may offer different terms or a 0% interest rate if you qualify.

“I had always shied away from my power because I had seen so many people abuse theirs, and I defined leadership as “power over.” It was never a word that I used to describe myself. I’m more of an empath who feels it all – which has made me a good therapist but also less assertive than I’ve needed to be. In programs with Kenlyn, I discovered the true meaning of leadership – owning and standing in my authority. With that shift, I’ve gone from being hidden to visible. I’ve fully claimed my expertise and the gifts and wisdom I bring to my clients. I now know I have something of value I want to communicate. I’m excited to step into the leadership incubator and apprenticeship to keep upleveling and to support women in owning their authority and leadership, too.”

– Clare Dash, Devon, UK
Trauma Therapist & Artist

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