Free Live 5-Day Juicy Feminine Festival with 20+ Activations

Unblock Old Energy – Awaken Your New Inner Goddess

Experience your feminine frequency through 20+ activations, healings and practices to reclaim your power and embody the Divine Feminine — wherever you are, whenever you need…

… even if you’re short on time.

A message from Evolving Sisters Network Founder & Host of the Goddess Convergence, Kenlyn Kolleen

What if…

the busy-ness of your everyday life, and connecting with your Divine Feminine weren’t two separate things? What if you were the embodiment of Her while you did the dishes, were at the grocery store, or in a work meeting? As you ate your breakfast, went on a date, or were at the doctors?

After thousands of years of lies and repression against the feminine, She refuses to be silent any longer. She refuses to hide. And, we can no longer pretend that suppressing her hasn’t cost us our lives and our happiness.

The deep Mystery is being unveiled – a mystery that holds the key not only to our collective evolution but to your untapped brilliance, potential and the next chapter of your extraordinary story.

What would happen if we all heed the call at once?

This is Goddess Convergence.

Join women from around the world in a 5-day online festival to honor the goddess within through activations, transmissions, movement and music.

You’ll walk away from this FREE live event with:

20+ transmissions created to help you get back in the habit of a daily connection with your divine feminine energy and accelerate your spiritual growth journey.

Connections forged with feminine leaders like yourself who are here to discover something bigger than themselves — an initiation into an exciting new world of feminine frequency leadership.

The energetic reboot you need to take action on what’s important to you and break free from the chains of social conditioning, self-doubt, and overwhelm that have kept you stuck.

The energetic reboot you need to take action on what’s important to you and break free from the chains of social conditioning, self-doubt, and overwhelm that have kept you stuck.

Fresh energy, codes, and perspectives to unlock your feminine gifts and inner goddess in fun and exciting new ways… even if you’re busy & have been disconnected from her for far too long.

Real-world activations led by real-world women, like you.

In this powerful outpouring of feminine magic, here’s a sample of what you’ll receive in short, potent 15 minute segments throughout the 5 days:

An activation of pure creative life force energy – known as Shakti – to relish in expanded aliveness, inspiration and feminine power

A powerful “recode” session to create empowered evolutionary romantic relationships and be the Goddess that you are

A sacred food-play practice – a new twist to Eat Pray Love – to anchor in a more compassionate connection to your physical body to nourish it with love with every bite

Three sound healing hacks to entrain your mind into the quantum field as the gateway to your genius potential

A sacred self-healing ritual brought to you by a doctor so you can claim your inner healer and empower your inner wisdom before you even step foot into the doctor’s office

… And so much more.

5 days. 20 women. 20 transmissions.

Zero Cost.

Step out of the mundane and into your feminine magic.

No matter how life is going right now — you always have an inner power.

This is the Goddess inside you. Some call her Shakti. Some call her life force energy. She’s been here since the beginning – and she’s here now. She is you. The part of you that’s wild, free and not able to be silenced, squashed or tamed.

Tapping into your inner goddess frees you from the chains of social conditioning, everyone else’s opinions, how you were raised, of the need to prove your worth, and even…what you think. She is the open door to your authentic self and the magical gifts you alone are here to bring.

When you awaken to her, your life calls you forward, and you will never be the same.

It’s her time…

It’s your time.

We know you’re busy.
That’s the point, isn’t it? 

We’re all too busy, and then our lives become automated, robotic and all dried out. This is your call to nourishment, feminine juice and flow. Even just one activation can change your life, open your heart and awaken your magic.

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