Release the Past and Emerge from the Eclipse Wormhole Empowered and Renewed

The final letting go is here!

Since the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees Aries, we’ve been in a wormhole – a reboot of consciousness – that is about to complete with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio.

One thing is certain: YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.

Undoubtedly, this reboot – one of the most impactful and potent in your lifetime – will set you on a new course, the details of which will be revealed over the coming weeks and months.

Death is always followed by rebirth. Between the two is a space.
This is the exact moment we are in.

JOIN ME, in a live, virtual container, on May 4th, the day before the final wormhole event – the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – to SHAKE IT OUT so you can fully release the past!

 Sorry, but this event is now over.

Kenlyn Kolleen

Be Ready for this Potent, Game-Changing Energy

To emerge from this Eclipse Wormhole empowered in your purpose and renewed in your energy, you’re invited to join the sisterhood in a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Activation and Shadow Dance.

In good Scorpio “going-to-the-underworld” fashion, this Activation and Shadow Dance will give you…

🌟 A safe space to go to the depths and meet your shadow and transform it into the fuel you’ll need for what’s ahead

🌟 A safe space to release stuck, repressed emotions – including anger, rage, and sadness – from your emotional body to experience lightness, freedom, and clarity

🌟 A golden opportunity to ground and root down into your body to prepare for the spiritual ascension that wants to come through you in an even greater way

🌟 A chance to integrate all the crazy pivots, spiritual upgrades, emotions, and experiences through your body and to call all your parts home so that you emerge more authentic, whole, and clear

🌟 A sacred container with like-minded sisters who are doing their spiritual and personal growth work to be the evolutionary leaders they know themselves to be

🌟 A way to pray for and stand for the evolution of humanity at this important time. As you choose the highest timeline for yourself, you give others permission to do the same

🌟 The opportunity to set yourself up to emerge from the Eclipse Wormhole more empowered and renewed in your energy, commitment, and purpose

EMERGE lighter, freer, more integrated, and authentically aligned for what’s next; the past completed and cleared from your emotional and physical body, making you available to receive the downloads for the evolution of your spiritual awakening, empowerment, and leadership.

JOIN ME, in a live, virtual container, on May 4th, the day before the final wormhole event – the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – to SHAKE IT OUT so you can fully release the past!

Journey through all the emotions, losses, victories, and game-changing upgrades of the eclipse wormhole through dance and movement!

A shadow dance is an embodied ritual. By taking you on a musical journey to feel and move through aspects of your emotions, judgments, and fears – like scarcity and unworthiness – you’ll bring unconscious aspects of yourself to the surface to be transformed through the light of your awareness. As a result, they have less control over you so that you can make better choices that align with your truth. And, you’ll create space for new aspects of yourself and ways of being to emerge.

JOIN US on this most auspicious time. Reserve your spot today.

 Sorry, but this event is now over.