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Founder, Evolving Sisters

At Evolving Sisters, we believe that the future is collaborative.

Evolving Sisters Network is an online marketplace and etheric temple where spiritually awakened women gather to find community, support and evolve.

We have curated the highest quality practitioners, teachers, and subject matter experts to assist you in the process of healing, owning and claiming your power, and stepping into your evolutionary leadership. We know evolution is a spiral and that the journey is not a one-shot deal. Wherever you are on that journey, you are welcome.

Below is a list of our collaborators who have created courses, meditations, masterclasses for your personal and spiritual development. They come from diverse backgrounds, with perhaps different methodologies, beliefs and ways of being. We see diversity as the key to our future, and when expressed in a high vibration, is the thing that unifies us.

Take a look at who’s here, beam them love through your eyes as a way of loving yourself, and take one of their courses as a place to start.

Meet Our Collaborators

Jen Broyles

For over 10 years, Jen Broyles has been helping people from all walks of life break
through their blocks and create a path of wellness, happiness, and abundance. With
her unique blend of breathwork, holistic health practices, and transformational
coaching, Jen has helped countless people transform their lives for the better.
Whether you’re looking to improve your physical health, overcome stress and anxiety, or activate abundance, Jen is here to provide you with the support and guidance you need to make those dreams a reality.

Jen believes in the power of self-transformation, and she is passionate about helping
individuals access the tools they need to create lasting change in their lives. With her
guidance, you will gain the confidence, clarity, and strength to fully activate your
potential and live a life that is filled with purpose and vitality. Connect with Jen on her website at

Arwen Dyer

Arwen Dyer

 Creatrix Codes™ | Conscious Creator Collective ~ Founder & C.E.O.

Arwen coaches visionaries, entrepreneurs and empaths through life and business transformations using Creatrix Codes™: a divine tapestry of soul midwifery, natural laws, intuition, neuroscience, psychoeducation and quantum physics. Arwen’s unique alchemy incorporates magnetic mind techniques, superconscious guidance, rapid recode, Goddess archetypes, craniosacral and somatoemotional release, energy healing and the latest manifestation methods.

  • Registered Trauma, Creative Arts and Play Therapist (M.A., B.A. psych. hons.)
  • Certified Magnetic Mind Coach
  • Certified CranioSacral, SomatoEmotional Release and Massage Therapist
  • Intuitive Channel and Moon Temple High Priestess
  • Writer and Author
  • Sacred Feminine Spiritual Midwife and Energy Healer (Reiki trained)
  • Former Leader in a Global Wellness Business
  • Internationally Awarded and Published Photographer

Katie Hemphill

Katie Hemphill

CuA Biomedical Engineer (B.S.E., M.S) turned Writer, Yoga Teacher, Embodiment Coach, and absolute lover of life lived in the great outdoors. After decades of living life fully stuck up in my head as I charged forward on a quest to solve human health problems, I realized that what the world needs is not more technical solutions, but something else entirely. Today it is my mission to support healing through greater connection: with our own, full selves (body, mind, spirit, soul), and through this, to the greater systems we are part of. My passion is fueled by practices that get us out of our heads as we connect to our whole selves, and through this, to our great Mother Earth.

Clare Dash

Clare Dash

I have been a psychotherapist for over 25 years. I have a deep respect for the unconscious and seeing beneath the surface of life. I express myself through painting and drawing and have been making art since I was a child. Looking back, I can see it was my innate yearning to deeply understand myself. Everything changed when I discovered that I could link art and psychology together, I never looked back, undertaking two master’s degrees in art therapy.

A decade ago, my life changed directions when I learnt about trauma and the neurological effects of trauma as they appear in our lives. I began to see everything through a trauma lens, considering mental health and physical symptoms of my clients, as unresolved aftereffects of trauma.  Then, six years ago training in Brainspotting radically transformed my practice. Connecting to mental health through the body opened me to the process of trusting my own self to heal. I know from my personal experiences that working with trauma really is a beautiful journey. We can try all manner of self-help and workshops to feel better, but we tend to bypass the doors to our healing. We don’t realise that the subtle pain in our throat or the deep feelings of shame, are the healing keys. We are conditioned to avoid and diminish listening to our bodies like this. I could no longer stand back and not create opportunities for trauma healing. I know that our bodies are designed to heal, just like you would from any injury. 

I use my experience of healing my own trauma and stepping into my power and visibility to connect to the uniqueness of each person I work with; providing an entry point for them to heal themselves from trauma. I am driven to bring awareness to our sacred inner world by inviting dialogue between our conscious and unconscious as we deeply heal and grow.

Alison Conte

Allison Conte, MSPODC

Allison Conte serves as a bridge between the worlds of spirituality and leadership. 

She is a mystic, a spiritual guide/teacher, and ordained priestess in the Sophianic lineage – and also, she is an executive coach,  c-suite consultant, published author and speaker. As an instructor of executive leadership at Harvard Business School, her classes have drawn upwards of 5,000 participants across the globe.

Allison’s business, Sophia Leadership, aims to usher in a new paradigm of peace, equality and environmental sustainability by developing and resourcing the women change-leaders who will lead the way. Sophia Leadership serves women leaders who are advanced in their professional careers AND serious about their spiritual growth. They come to Sophia’s temple to do their deepest soul-work together in sisterhood and, ultimately, to source the power of the Divine Feminine in their leadership—so they can deliver on their mission with impact, alignment, joy and ease.

With her husband, Allison co-founded the Sanctuary for Sacred Union, an inter-spiritual nonprofit in which they serve as spiritual mentors and sacred ceremony guides. Informed by indigenous wisdom, mysticism and Christianity, their work is a blend of shamanic practices, sacred plant medicine, depth psychology and integral spirituality, within the mythos of the universal Christ-Sophia. Their podcast, Pastor & Priestess, is available on all platforms.

Prior to her post at Harvard, Allison served on the faculties of The Center for Creative Leadership, the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and the Integral Center, and worked as a master executive coach in Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management Executive Education Program. She holds a master’s degree in Positive Organization Development from Case Western Weatherhead School of Management. She is a certified Spiritual Intelligence Coach and Gestalt Practitioner. 

She has trained with a number of world-class indigenous wisdom keepers, spiritual teachers, and energy healers. 

Grandmother La’ne Sa’an Moonwalker, a lineage holder in the Apache tradition and Allison’s spiritual mentor, has formally recognized Allison as a master teacher.

Rose Anna

I am an astrologer, mindfulness facilitator, and intuitive awakening coach. I support women to overcome anxiety, stress, and trauma, transforming their life experiences into joy, action, and well-being through allowing the light to shine on their gifts, strengths, and hidden gems, awaiting to be discovered in their natal chart. Read more about the astrology sessions here:

For a private astrology reading for your chart, book a session at

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