Launch and Grow a Premium, Soul-Aligned Coaching Business & Make Your First $100K

Evolving Sisters Founder and CEO Kenlyn Kolleen shows you how in this comprehensive, 11-module, step-by-step program designed exclusively for purpose-driven coaches.

Are you being called forward to launch and grow a business as a coach, healer or visionary leader to bring your sacred medicine to the world AND earn a living doing what you love?

Has following your inner voice – your soul’s mission – become a priority for you?

Yet, underneath your big calling, you might have some serious doubts that sound something like:

“Can I really be an entrepreneur? Do I really have what it takes?”

“Is there a more feminine way to do business?
I’m done with patriarchal burnout, pushing and exhaustion.”

The answer is YES! … with a caveat.

Without the essential business fundamentals & knowledge you need to even start — the idea of bringing your vision to life looks a whole lot different than actually doing it

But I have good news.

Only two things are standing between you & your 6-figure business…

Business Fundamentals & Proven Strategy

I want you to know that it makes sense that you’re getting stuck at every step along the way when you’re lacking the business & marketing skills needed to fully support your vision.

I want you to know that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, scattered & confused when you’re missing the proven strategy to back up your self-belief.

Business strategy is more than just strategy.
It’s the missing piece to the puzzle that makes you say, know & truly believe “I can do this.”

Without it, even the smallest challenges can feel like a defeat.

With it, there’s no business vision that you won’t be able to bring to life.

The Business Mastery Accelerator was created to give divine feminine women like you the foundation knowledge and proven business strategy you’ve been missing to start and grow a profitable soul-aligned coaching business — sooner than you ever thought possible.

Does this sound like you?

✔  You want to do business differently — not another competitive, masculine, patriarchal model — but one that honors rhythms, cycles, flow, and win-win while STILL creating results.

✔  You’re a beginner coach or healer with a burning desire to create a profitable business aligned with your unique passions & gifts.

✔  You are overflowing with big ideas but struggle with taking productive action on them & bringing them to life.

✔  You are craving financial freedom but growing your business has a much deeper reason or purpose than just revenue alone. You want profit AND impact.

✔  A profound awareness of your value, worth and unique contribution

✔  You’re getting burned out working by the hour or charging by session & you’re ready to uplevel and finally charge what you’re worth

✔ You’re lacking the business & marketing skills you need to feel equipped when it comes to making decisions, showing up online & sharing your work in the world. Everything feels overwhelming or like a big question mark.

You really struggle to articulate what you do & who you do it for OR you don’t know how to describe the unique thing that separates your offering from everyone else’s offerings.

You get stuck when it comes to packaging, pricing & selling your services.

The business world & marketing jargon feels like a foreign language to you. You only wish it could be easier so that you could expand your capacity to serve more clients.

✔  You know you want the freedom and sovereignty that comes from starting your own business, but you don’t know how to get there.

“If your heart is beaming “YES!” then that’s exactly where I come in. I’m so glad you’ve found your way here.”

The Business Mastery Accelerator was created specifically to demystify the business world, re-configure it to include the feminine & give you everything you need to know at this exact point in your journey to build your $100K business from scratch.

No more feeling lost & out of the loop when it comes to knowing how to find soul clients, structure your offers, sell with ease, or create a magnetic message.

I’m revealing insider industry knowledge plus timeless business secrets that will give you a strong foundation to start strong and continue to grow forevermore.

Nothing is left out.

“I worked less and made more money through this program.”

“One of the big takeaways from the Divine Feminine Business Mastery program is that through all the major inner changes that I’ve gone through, I’ve worked a lot less. I just didn’t have the energy as I was processing all the things. I look back and I have not worked as hard as I normally work — there’s been a lot less doing and a lot less striving, and I’ve already exceeded my income from last year (and the year isn’t even over yet)! It’s just really amazing to see that. It’s been a testament that it’s not about the doing and the striving and it’s about the being and who you are and sharing that message. Even over the last month, 2 new clients came out of nowhere. It’s been a really beautiful thing to witness.”

– Jen Broyles
Mind-Body Health Coach & Breath Therapist

The results-driven business strategy you’ll receive in this program IS what will empower you to become “the divine feminine leader of a profitable, soul-aligned coaching business.”

Having a strong strategy leads to creating a strong mindset.
You need both to succeed.

When you know exactly what to do, & when (and it actually works) — it’s a whole lot easier to trust yourself and your capabilities.

Those shadow fears that regularly show up in your business as procrastination, self-doubt, lone wolfing it, hiding or perfectionism become distant memory instead of the norm.

✘  Instead of questioning whether what you have to say is important, you KNOW that it is because your soul clients are in your inbox telling you. Every single day.

✘  When the fear of being judged shows up, it’s quickly forgotten about when you remember that you have high-ticket clients paying you in full for your unique magic.

In this program, we make room to integrate your shadows, which are voices of the past, of the collective shadow, or of your younger self. We use practices to integrate those voices so that they no longer run or dictate what happens in your business — YOU do.

Here’s what you may believe you need to be successful:

An online membership group.
A low-end digital product.
A massive following on social media.
A fancy website.
Facebook Ads to get clients.
Yet another certification to become truly qualified.
Some unknown thing that other coaches & healers have that you don’t.

None of this is true.

The secret to becoming a successful coach and reaching your first 6-figures is…

Learning the timeless, foundational business know-how & techniques, you’ll employ use at every stage of business growth from your first client to your first $10K month and beyond.

Inside the Business Mastery Accelerator, these foundational pieces are organized into 5 basic pillars to help you create a successful, profitable & sustainable coaching or healing business from A-Z.

Pillar 1

Design a Kick-Ass Transformative Program

Pillar 2

Create Magnetic Messaging that Attracts Your Soul Clients

Pillar 3

Master the Art of Authentic Selling to Enroll Clients Into Your Program

Pillar 4

Master the Art of Being Visible in the Right Way and on the Right Platforms

Pillar 5

Uplevel Your Mindset and Do Your Shadow Work to Charge What You’re Worth & Receive More Abundance

You’ll walk away from this self-paced course with lifetime access to in-depth tools, videos & strategies that will help you know how to succeed at every step of your business journey. Forever.

You’ll be invited to a private, live co-hort to keep you on track.

Hi! I’m Kenlyn Kolleen.

How do I know what it takes to make your first 6-figures when you’re just starting out with your business?

I did it.

I went from earning $33,000 in my first year coaching to making $100,000 the following year with no website, no email list, no social media platform, and no facebook ads.

What made the difference?

In short, I got a coach–one who knew how to work with new coaches, and I learned the strategy I am teaching you here.

As a former lawyer, I was trained to be a good “lone wolf.” I didn’t like to ask for support since it made me feel too vulnerable. The truth was I had a hard time receiving. Even a fedex package with a large sum of money got lost on its way to me. I took this as a sign that I had some blocks.

When I made my first real investment in myself by hiring a business coach, I cried. I thought about all the kids going hungry that night and how selfish I was to invest in myself. Fortunately, I had done enough shadow work to embrace the part of me that played the martyr and to step into really making a difference in the world, not just feeling badly about the world. Even though I had no money and very little credit, I made my first payment on the credit I did have and took the first step toward my future self — the self that I am today.

Making that first investment changed my life. I learned and applied the 5 foundational principles that I’m teaching you in this program, enrolled 1:1 clients through my yoga classes, and built my business on a solid foundation.

Since that time, I’ve grown into a feminine leader, empowering women through the Divine Feminine Summit, Inner Circle, the Business Mastery programs, and the Evolving Sisters Network. I found my true purpose. I’ve touched the lives of thousands of women worldwide through my work, raised money for Tree Sisters, earned multiple 6-figures, paid off all my consumer debt and taxes, invested heavily in my health, and built a business that I love. All in a relatively short amount of time.

If I can do it, so can you.

That is why I created the Business Mastery Accelerator program. I’m on a mission to support your empowerment in business in less time than you ever thought possible.

Being the Sovereign CEO of your coaching business is a sacred act of rebellion against the patriarchal structures that have created the imbalance the world is experiencing today. By being confident in your voice, claiming your slice of the online space, speaking your truth, becoming more yourself, and receiving compensation for it, you are shattering glass ceilings and paving the way for future feminine leaders to own their truth, too.

This is your rite of passage of empowerment for the feminine, and I’m here to support you on this journey.

The Business Mastery Accelerator

An exclusive, 11-module, self-paced program

Inside the Accelerator, you’ll feel like we are having a conversation inside your living room – safe and reassuring. While the program is in depth, it’s not overwhelming. In fact, I call this the “anti-overwhelm strategy.”

Video content is served in less than 30 minute chunks, with worksheets and documents when you need them. You can even download the audio version of the modules and take me on a walk with you. Either way, you’ll feel my guidance with you at every step of the way as you discover the fundamentals you need to launch and grow a premium, soul-aligned coaching business & make your first $100K.

I’ve packaged up everything you need to know & to have to start & grow a 6-figure coaching business from the ground up. AND, if you add on the Business Mastery Mentorship, my coaches and I will be with you real time at every step of the way to make sure you don’t get stuck and can go as fast as you desire.

Remember, this is a lifetime access course which means you can take this course at your own stride & complete the modules intentionally and in real-time as you take on each new stage of business growth. The timeless foundational business strategy & knowledge inside will continue to serve you and your business time & time again.

What exactly is waiting for you on the other side of the Business Mastery Accelerator?

Specifically, in this dynamic and comprehensive course, you’ll learn how to:

Monetize your gifts by designing a kick-ass premium program that solves problems and gets your clients results.

Weave all your tools, modalities, interests, and passions into your irresistible 1:1 offer (and get out of the dollars-per-hour trap).

Identify your unique soul client and what they really want so that you can make offers that they want to buy.

Create magnetic marketing materials that effortlessly attract your soul clients.

Effortlessly sign high-ticket clients who are ready to pay-in-full, on time & with a smile.

Stand in your power as you confidently communicate & sell your offer.

Embrace sales as a transformational experience for both yourself and your soul clients.

Master the timeless business knowledge & cutting-edge strategies you NEED to know to grow sustainably & successfully.

Overcome your fears of being seen, judged, not good enough so that you can step into greater visibility and attract your perfect-fit client.

Harness the confidence and enthusiasm to be visible on social media and beyond.

Price your offers in a way that feels good and sets you up to be sustainable and successful.

Upgrade your energy and thoughts so you can show up as the leader you came here to be.

Follow the fastest route & a step-by-step plan (no pieces missing this time) on how exactly to earn your first 6-figures.

Sister, it’s time to fully embody “your business leadership,” and move forward wholeheartedly, connected to your message, your body, your truth, and your power.

Here’s what’s included

Lifetime Access to the Online Business Learning Hub:

11 modules in a self-paced, value-packed format, designed to guide you step-by-step through everything you need to know to create & launch your 1:1 coaching business & reach 6-figures with ease. You’ll have access to these forever so that you can take the program in your own stride & refer back to the course modules at each new stage of growth to leverage the most effective strategies that will take you to the next level.

Worksheets & Practices to Fully Integrate the Teachings:

Over 40 strategic guides, worksheets, templates & embodiment practices designed to support you on your journey to gaining clarity on who you are & what you’re here to do.

Template of Key Business Documents:

Get access to contract templates, research questions, and client intake forms included in the over 40 documents mentioned above. This program supports all of your startup needs by setting you up with the right templates. This saves you time and energy while setting you up for success.

Evolving Sisters Business Mastery Private Online Community:

You’re not alone in this anymore. The people you surround yourself with matter when it comes to accelerating your business growth & reaching 6-figures. You’ll be able to connect with current students & alumni of the course at any time to seek support, guidance and advice from other women who get it & get you.

Plus, you’ll get the following bonuses:

Done-For-You Admin & Marketing Support Available:

We know that not everyone is tech savvy, can make killer graphics (design captures people’s attention in a nanosecond or they swipe left), or knows how to word things in a way that has their soul client’s reaching for their credit card. We have expert support available at special add-on rates just for the members of this program. No more getting overwhelmed or stuck or in paralysis analysis when you know you have a team of experts who have your back at every step of the way. (These special packages are separately priced to meet your needs and are only available to those inside the Business Mastery Accelerator.)

The foundational principles you’ll get in this program are timeless and never go away.

The 11 Modules at a Glance:

Module 1: Setting Yourself Up for Success

We begin with a spiritual initiation to activate the divine feminine archetypes so that your intention for your mission is aligned with the results you want to create, and you have the support of 5D guides and allies. You’ll also receive a road map with clearly defined milestones at each phase of your business. Knowing where you’re headed makes each of the steps easier to take.

Module 2: Golden Compass Process: Identify Your Soul Client

Who are they? What keeps them up at night? What are they afraid of? What are their deepest desires? During this process, you’ll discover how to conduct the research that will be the foundation of building your business & begin to understand your soul client on a deeper level than ever before.

Module 3: Golden Compass Process: Clarify The Problem You Solve

You’ll learn how to give your clients what they really want in the area that you feel most lit up serving. It’s the place where what you do, who you are & what you offer meets the deepest challenges of your client to provide the optimal result (and the most revenue for you).

Module 4: Create Your Kick-Ass Program

During this module, you’ll identify the structure you’ll guide your clients through & define the core pillars of your 1:1 coaching program that will facilitate the best transformation possible. No more imposter syndrome when it comes to delivering real, long-lasting results.

Module 5: Magnetic Messaging

Inside this module, you’ll find everything you need to create a magnetic message that attracts your soul clients effortlessly. You’ll get the strategies & tools you’ve been missing to master the art of communicating exactly what you do in a way that is clear (& irresistible) for your ideal audience.

Module 6: Build Your Community & Activate Your Movement

This is where the magic happens, and you’ll start to share your work with the world. You’ll learn the fundamentals of creating a strong, loyal community from scratch and setting up your social media channels to build a strong online presence as a tool for your business growth.

Module 7: Create the Customer Journey

During this module, you’ll be diving deep into creating a strategic plan for communicating your offers through your content. You’ll get clear on your customer journey, including your free offer, low-ticket offer & high-ticket offer & how they all fit together to make logical sense for your audience. You’ll learn how to create content calendars for consistent, sustainable posting on social & start to build your email list using foundational, proven growth strategies.

Module 8: Sales + Conversion

Now for the fun part, making sales & bringing in money! Inside this module, you’ll learn exactly how to find your prospects, turn prospects into paying clients and create a professional & streamlined sales process from start to finish. This includes pricing your offer & the secret to creating call-to-actions that will actually convert.

Module 9: Getting Your First Premium Soul Client

Signing clients is only half the battle, there’s nuanced business etiquette & norms you also have to master to embody a real CEO. In this module, you’ll learn everything you need to properly onboard a new client & give them a premium experience that makes them want to shout your name from the rooftops (AKA to their network).

Module 10: Being Visible Challenge

We know that being visible can be edgy, even scary, yet you deeply yearn to show up & take the leap. We are here to support you. In our final module of the program, we encourage and support you in being consistently visible with your community. It can look many different ways, and we are here to support you to create something that feels right for you.

Module 11: Money Mindset Shadow Work

Let’s face it, money blocks are the biggest hurdle to overcome in launching and growing your business. As you work the modules, your money mindset will evolve, and your capacity to receive will expand. To support that process, I’ve included a time-tested money mindset meditation to examine your relationship with money in order to transform it.

Your Investment

You’ll gain lifetime access to the Business Mastery Accelerator for only

3 monthly payments of $900 each

*Got a question before you purchase? Click HERE to send Kenlyn a message

What Past Participants Say

Ultimately, your business starts with you.

When you focus your efforts and build the foundation solidly, you can grow to a place where your business makes money for you when you need to rest, take time off, write a book, have a baby, be with your grandchild, or travel the world. Your business becomes your contribution and your legacy.

The journey of 1,000 steps begins with the first one, and this is it.

Like a river meanders through a canyon, the path to success is not linear. The Divine Feminine is herself serendipitous, creative, and unpredictable. With a solid foundation, you can take this journey and explore the deep wells of your creativity and your voice. By shedding even more and more of what isn’t you, you become more of who you are.

This is my vision for you, and this is the promise of the Business Mastery Accelerator.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Business Mastery Accelerator program different from other courses and programs out there?

This program evokes a spiritual context for business, which infuses your work with purpose and meaning. It’s not some dry business course. It’s alive with divine feminine shakti.

And, it’s practical and relevant. The foundational business knowledge and the content, strategies & techniques inside are a part of every successful coaching business and never go away. It gives you everything you need from the very first step which makes it easy for you to get traction, fast. This program provides you with the tools and the knowledge to use over and over at every stage of their business. You’ll always know where and how to find answers to the challenges you face in business.

I’ve already taken so many courses & certifications. Do I really need a business program?

Ask yourself: Have you made 6-figures this year coaching or in your healing business? Do you know how to replicate it for next year? If not, this program is for you.

Have your fears been stopping you from succeeding? Are you piecemealing business strategies without knowing what you’re doing? If so, this program is for you.

I invite you to get really honest with yourself. Are you willing to be someone other than the person you are right now? If you’ve answered yes, this program is for you!

I already know business fundamentals - is this program for me?

Here are some questions to ask yourself: Did you earn 6-figures last year? Do you have awesome clients who love you and a method and a message that converts? Are you comfortable selling your program? (Do you have a signature program?) Are you focused on one business model that is appropriate for your level or are you hustling and all over the place?

Consider that perhaps there’s a difference between hearing about the fundamentals, and actually applying them in your business with expert guidance & support to back it up.

How do I know this program will work for me?

The good news is that this program isn’t asking you to put your faith in the stock market or getting investors or even in your customers or competitors.

Investing in this program is investing in you. That’s the safest best there is because you have all the control. Therefore, the only person who has a say about whether this program will work for you is you.

I’ve never invested this much in myself. Is this what it takes?

Yes. While it’s true that at the beginning most coaches and healers have spent more money learning and certifying their craft than they have learning to become a business owner and entrepreneur, doing so is a necessary next step if your vision is to increase your impact and income. For example, when I studied to be a yoga teacher many years ago, I invested $5k for 24-days of immersion training. Eventually I made my money back teaching yoga, but it took a long time, as you can imagine.

Making your money back is called a Return on Investment or ROI. Most transformational programs have an intangible ROI, like spiritually growing or maturing or releasing trauma. Super important and often priceless. A spiritual business program, like this one, has the added potential of a financial ROI, since, afterall, that’s your exact intention. In my case, my investment in business coaching had an ROI of 11x in the first year, which means I made 11 times my initial investment. Of course, not everyone achieves those results in the first year, which is why I like to take the stress off and encourage women to play the long game. The only time you’ll surely fail is if you quit.

Know that if this program matches your vision and goals, then it’s probably a sound financial investment for you. When I invest in myself, it’s the least risky thing I can do because I have the control. Trust and believe in yourself, and apply the coaching. That’s your winning formula.

Is 1:1 support available?

Yes. We can arrange 1:1 support with a business mastery coach for an additional investment. Please know, too, that there’s a major super power to being in a group of like-minded and like-focused women, such as in the Business Mastery Mentorship. Almost every person comments on how important community is to their success when I survey them at the end of the program.

Does this program support me in offering group programs?

No. The business model we recommend for coaches to reach six figures is 1:1 clients through a premium soul client model. It’s the quickest way to revenue, and it teaches you a lot about who you serve and what they want from you. In my story, I shared that I made $33,000 the first year of coaching. That was because I attempted a group coaching model without a list, a following, or a program. The reason I tripled my income the following year is because I switched to a 1:1 premium soul client model (still without a list, a following or a program). Since then I’ve run many group programs as my business has grown. You can do that too once you’ve mastered the fundamentals.

How much time do I have to dedicate to the course material?

You are free to consume the course content at your own pace. That might be 11-weeks or 11-months depending on how fast you want to go. A good estimate is about 5-10 hours of your time learning, digesting, and implementing each module.

What time do the live calls for the Business Mastery Mentorship happen & what if I can’t make them all live?

All calls are at 12 pm PST on Wednesdays twice a month to accommodate most time zones around the world. In all of our global programs, some people wake up very early and others stay up very late to attend live. The members stretch themselves so they can learn & grow at a faster rate than they ever have before. And, of course, if you can’t make a call, there will be a replay posted in the portal for you to watch and a private group for you to post your comments 24-7.

Are there any refunds?

There are no refunds, and I’ve never been asked for one. This is a lifetime access course which means you’ll be able to continuously refer back to the content & enjoy upgraded content over the lifetime of the program as new content, strategies & practices are introduced. The investment is one that will continuously serve you and your business for years to come. If you’re still unsure that this course is a good fit for you, you’re welcome to contact us at and ask your questions. We are happy to support you in making this decision.

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